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A Short Explanation of TikTok's Content

TikTok's content is overall very, very bad. I'm not sure how people even watch this bullshit. Can't tell if they are just retarded or what, but for some reason the worst things get popular. Everyone basically knows of the basics like all those dances by idiotic 14 year olds, but there is way more than this. Trends like nyquil chicken where you put that stuff that is actual medicine, and you would supposedly eat it (started by a satirical video, but people on TikTok aren't smart enough to detect that). Also, the benadryl challenge where you take tons of benadryl which is easily able to kill you. Overall, I wouldn't recommend you watch this stuff and definitely don't recommend you make it. If you would like longer explanations with way, way more detail, please check out the pages.

TikTok's Trends

Benadryl Callenge

Nyquil Chicken

Fake Information


Cringe of TikTok