Legacy Devices, Podcast, And More!

Venith gets a domain, the site begins working on legacy devices, Venith archives, and more!

Digital Cheese - 10/7/2023 12:38PM
Hello everyone, this is the first Venith blog entry on the website :D
As the first blog on the website, I think I should just give a recap of what has changed over the last few months.

Domains + Legacy Compatibility

For one, we got a Venith domain now! The domain is Venith.NET, please feel free to share it with friends or whoever else you would like to share it with. The domain will be the replacement for venith.neocities.org which was the old site domain that no longer works, at least it wasn't used too much. Also, we switched over to GitHub for the Venith website although I may self-host it eventually. We moved to GitHub because it gave this website the ability to not force HTTPS, which was the reason the DSi could not run this website. So yes, this site now also works on DSi.

We have also made many (and I mean many) sub-domains under Venith's. I will list them below for you to visit, the ones that work on DSi/Wii must have HTTPS disabled as far as I know, HTTPS has not worked with it. There are many more, this is not the full list but rather the most notable ones as of this time. The list will be updated and sometimes the websites go down so be paitent, some domains may not work on DSi in the future as a warning too.

dc.venith.net (DSi Won't Work, Neocities Issue)
tdk.venith.net (same as dc.venith.net)
cht.venith.net (DSi Compatible)
dc2.venith.net (DSi Compatible)

Expect to start seeing a lot more venith.net domains and sub-domain links especially if you're in The Destruction Kingdom (TDK) or CrazyHellTechnologies. Perhaps one day you may even own one :]

Website Redesigns

Yes, Venith was once again redesigned if you didn't miss it back when it was still on Neocities. Also, I optimized many areas of code more so that way it would work better on DSi without looking worse on more modern devices. However, this wasn't the only Venith website to get a redesign as dc2.venith.net also got one (it looks like a forum site even though its actually just a personal website). It is still a WIP, but it is cool.


We are still making some progress on that, not as much but whatever. We should eventually finish it, or maybe it'll be removed and I'll just use the main Venith layout instead as I kinda like it more. Works better, works on more devices, and its already usually the main theme of the website so things won't look weird if I do that. Plus green :3

The Destruction Kingdom

Once last bit I would like to add on here, it is about TDK. There has been a very, very important blog entry thats way longer than this one made on the site there. If you would like to read it, please click this link. For those who don't want to read it, here is the TLDR below:
"TDK Guilded Banned, Telegram Supremacy, Hide Numbers On TG Profiles, Fuck Nintendo, I Suck At Keeping My Empires Simple And Not Overly-Complicated."

It is like 17 paragraphs that are all very, very long each so I don't expect you to read it. However, if you decide to read it then I believe it will be very important. Fuck Nintendo, Venith Supremacy.


Thanks for reading this blog! Before I end it off, I would like to say that there should be more updates to the site very soon, perhaps even an email service for it. Otherwise, I don't have anything else to say so kthxbye gg wellplayed.
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