Welcome to Venith. Venith is owned and created by Digital Cheese, and MattTheTekie. Venith is a community hosted infrastructure project started in 2019. This was originally a collab between MattTheTekie, and Austcool-Walker which eventually evolved into something much bigger. We also believe in freedom, and a better model over other major platforms. MattTheTekie also helps out with a lot of the services being hosted or updating the websites whenever DC can't do it. We are also collabing with omada.cafe

Services Area

Status Page

You can check out our server status here.

Minecraft - Game Server

We have a semi-vanilla almost anarchy minecraft server called EnderCraft-MC
The IP to join is [MC|PE] play.venith.net | [MC] mc.omada.cafe

StreetPass-Shop - The new way to StreetPass

We are the creators of the StreetPass-Shop. The new way to StreetPass.
The StreetPass-Shop enables you to share StreetPass files through the website and on the UniShop app.

Lemmy - Federated Social media

We host a Lemmy instance for us to interact with the Fediverse
You can sign up here. For legacy devices, we recommend Venith Legacy

Matrix - Community Chatting

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication
It's a great alternative to Discord. Good for team chats and groups.
You can sign up here. For web based devices we recommend Venith Chat

Mumble - Voice over IP Voice Call

Mumble is a free, open source, low latency, high quality voice chat application.
You can join ours by typing in vc.omada.cafe with the default port you can download mumble at mumble.info

Invidious - Alternative YouTube Front-end

Invidious is an free (libre) and open source alternative front-end to YouTube. yt.omada.cafe

OmadaDNS - Custom AdGuard server

OmadaDNS is an AdGuard home server running These lists. It has no logs, and uses Quad9 upstream. The VPS is located in Germany.
Set your DNS to Today!

2019-2024 Venith, all rights reserved. Thank you Austin for the years together! For any inquires please email us for any questions/concerns you have. Sourcecode available here.